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Accugrade Cross Slope Machine

Accugrade™ Cross Slope is a grade control system designed to control surface cross slope. Machine-mounted sensors are used to calculate necessary blade slope positioning to achieve desired cross slope of the surface. The system makes automatic adjustments to the left or right lift cylinder, typically performed by the operator.

Accugrade™ Cross Slope delivers all the information the operator needs to quickly and easily spread or cut material at the correct cross slope to the in-cab display. The operator can select which side of the blade to control automatically and swap direction on the return pass without readjusting the settings. Elevation is controlled manually by matching grade, or automatically by adding an elevation control device.

Cross Slope System. The basic cross slope system automatically controls the slope of the blade to maintain desired surface cross slope.

Cross Slope with Elevation Control. Accugrade™ Cross Slope can be combined with one or more of the Accugrade elevation control technologies, such as Accugrade™ Sonic, Accugrade™ Laser, Accugrade™ GPS, or Accugrade™ ATS for automatic control of elevation and cross slope.

AccuGrade Laser Caterpillar Machine

The AccuGrade™ Laser Grade Control System is a high technology earthmoving tool that allows dozer operators to grade and fill with increased accuracy without the use of traditional stakes or grade checkers. Using advanced laser technology, machine-mounted components and an off-board laser transmitter, this state-of-the-art machine control system provides precise elevation information on an in-cab display to achieve accurate blade positioning. As a result, operators can improve their efficiency and get to grade faster and in fewer passes than ever before.

The AccuGrade System can significantly improve the productivity and accuracy of grading equipment - by as much as 50% over conventional methods. Used primarily for finishing grading, the system is easy to learn. With minimal training, even inexperienced operators are able to get up to speed in no time at all.

The AccuGrade Laser Grade Control System is designed for a wide range of construction earthwork applications requiring tight tolerances and high production rates. Laser grade control is so accurate in fact, that in many cases these systems are required in project specifications or by general contractors in the construction industry. Field-proven and versatile, the dual laser system is ideal for fine grading of sites with flat, single or dual slope surfaces, such as industrial, commercial and residential building sites.

Planar Applications
  • Must be flat, or have consistent slope(s)
  • Flatwork
  • Building Pads
  • Sports Fields
  • Airport Runways, Taxiways and Aprons
  • Parking Lots
  • Landfill construction, lifts and capping
  • Railroad Roadbeds
  • Roads and Highways with uniform slope
  • Agriculture Waterways
  • Agriculture Terraces
  • Ponds
Site Preparation
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential

Typical users of laser grade control systems include:

  • Excavating Contractors
  • General Contractors
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Railroad Contractors
  • Landfill Operators
  • Ag Contractors / Farmers
  • Mining Operators

AccuGrade Sonic

Other Details:

  • AccuGrade™ Sonic is a grade control system designed to control surface elevation
  • The sonic system uses an ultrasonic sensor to maintain the blade at the same relative vertical distance to an external reference, such as a string line or curb and gutter
  • The system makes automatic elevation adjustments typically performed by the operator when in cross slope only control
  • The operator simply steers the machine to maintain the sensor over the external reference
  • Single Sonic System. When combined with AccuGrade Cross Slope, the single system provides automatic blade adjustments to one side of the blade for automatic control of elevation and cross slope
  • Dual Sonic System. When two sonic sensors are used, the system provides automatic elevation control to either side of the blade
  • The system typically uses only one sensor at a time
  • This allows the operator to control which side of the blade to control and change direction without relocating sensors

AccuGrade On Excavators

Grade control system for hydraulic excavators: • Work confidently • Stay on grade • Do it once, do it right, all day, every day Excavate with greater accuracy and control using AccuGrade technology solutions for hydraulic excavators. In cab guidance features allow Operators to quickly excavate trenches, slopes and complex designs without traditional survey stakes. • Work Confidently with Depth and Slope Guidance • Save Time • Save Materials Features and Benefits: • The AccuGrade system is easy to use and delivers a Wide range of customer benefits Increase Productivity and Efficiency: • Increases productivity • Reduces guess work and costly rework by moving dirt right the first time • Reduces survey costs up to 90% • reduces operating costs • Extends the work day Assists with labor shortage: • Reduces labor requirements and costs • Customers can get the job done more quickly and efficiently • Reduces need for staking and checking • Empowers operator and improves operator confidence by delivering excavation information to the cab Improves employee satisfaction and retention: • In cab display brings deviation control to the cab • Empowers operator with real time results • Real time feedback on progress increases job satisfaction,eliminates quesswork and reduces operator stress • Improves operator skills and takes performance to the next level • Investing in the latest technology leads to a sense of value and trust in the operator

Basement Application Excavator

Basement Application Excavator is use for digging, moving and loading material abrasions.


1. Engine: Reduced emissions, economical and reliable performance.
2. Operator Station: Comfort and convenience to keep people productive.
3. Hydraulics: Power to move more dirt, rock, and debris with speed and precision.
4. Structures & Undercarriage: Built to work in rugged environments.
5. Front Linkage: Made for high stress and long service life.
6. Work Tools: You can dig, hammer, rip, and cut with confidence.

Dual Slope Application Excavator

Dual Slope Application based Excavator.

Engine ModelCat® C4.2 ACERT™
Flywheel Power90.0 hp
Gross Power97.0 hp
SAE J134990.0 hp
Bore4.0 in
Stroke5.1 in
Displacement259.0 in3
Net Power - SAE J134990.0 hp
Operating Weight28480.0 lb
Operating Weight - Standard Undercarriage28480.0 lb
Operating Weight - Long Undercarriage29650.0 lb
Swing Mechanism
Swing Torque22830.0 lb ft
Swing Speed12.4 RPM
Maximum Drawbar Pull25600.0 lb
Travel Speed3.4 mph

Single Slope Application

Single Slope Application of AccuGrade.

Accu Grade ATS Earthmoving Machinery

Other Details:

  • AccuGrade ATS is a high accuracy dynamic tracking system that uses an Advanced Tracking Sensor (ATS) to track a machine and monitor blade positioning
  • An ATS instrument on the work site is used to track a target, which is mounted on the blade of the machine, to determine precise 3D positioning
  • Active target technology allows the system to reliably lock onto and track the intended target
  • This ensures the correct machine is being tracked and eliminates false lock-ons to other active machine targets, survey crews, or reflective surfaces
  • Built-in search intelligence allows the system to quickly search for and find the target when the lock is lost due to a passing vehicle or other interruption
  • The ATS instrument continuously measures the target's position and transmits real-time positioning data to the operator via the in-cab display, which shows the exact position of the blade in relation to the design
  • The system combines the position of the target with the known position of the instrument, machine measurements and sensor outputs to calculate precise positioning of the blade tips
  • The system uses the positioning data to calculate desired elevation and cross slope
  • Cut and fill values are computed by comparing the position of the blade with the design file
  • The system makes automatic blade adjustments typically performed by the operator and provides automatic blade control to one or both cutting edge tips
  • AccuGrade ATS puts the information the operator needs to complete the job in the cab
  • The operator simply steers the machine to achieve fine grade surfaces with high-precision accuracy
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